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In 2001, DryLander Design's owner, Ron Lewis, scanned into digital format, five antique farming photos from his Family's Fifth Generation Farm, Baumgardner Farm, Dyer Hill, WA, and one more depicting Farmer Brown near Waterville, WA.

Ron added the American Flag and / or clouds to the backgrounds to 4 of 6 high definition images (along with other enhancements) providing unique photo depictions of an era gone by.

These images are now being offered for sale as high definition prints. Each high definition print comes mounted on PVC Board* and ready to hang on your wall, frame or however you choose to display. Each includes a complete history and letter of authenticity.

Frames, different sizes and other custom options are available upon request, Contact DryLander for more information.

*All Prints below printed on high quality PVC Board.

1/8" thick rigid PVC Board is waterproof and long lasting. Recommended for indoor signage and presentations wherever high definition imaging is required.

The cost each of these high quality Prints is $139 plus $20 shipping and handling (limited to continental US sales only). This includes the applicable sales tax for your address, as required by Washington State.

Click on the images below to see thumbnail previews of each. Shipping usually takes between 6 and 10 business days.
Stationary Thresher
Stationary Thresher. 24"x10"

In 1904, the modern method to harvest wheat was with a Stationary Thresher. Steam was the source of power to drive the entire unit, fired by coal, wood or wheat straw. This is the Baumgardner unit located about a mile from DryLander's Office today!

Bridgeport to Dyer Stagecoach
Bridgeport to Dyer Stagecoach. 24"x16"

1904 - Nick Piper was driving and Mrs. Clara Bumgardner was the only passenger that trip! Get the full story and more when you buy this item!
Mansfield Grain Elevator
Mansfield Grain Elevator.

In 1916, the first concrete elevator was built by C.F.W. (Dutchy) Schmidt. It was later bought by the Seattle Grain Company, who in turn sold it to Centennial Mills in the 1940’s.
Mansfield City View
Mansfield City View 1910.

The view from atop the grain elevator in 1910 Mansfield, Washington, showed a community at the end of the new rail road. A new school under construction, a water tower in town too close for some, too far away for others, plus other amazing stories!
Farmer Brown
Farmer Brown. 24"x16"

In1898, Farmer Brown, who Brown's Canyon is named after near Waterville, WA, was photographed walking behind a 3-horse spring tooth harrow.

Almost 100 years later in 1995 DryLander Design captured the image in high definition, then added the American Flag and clouds along with other enhancements.
Betty Best Horse Drawn Combine
Betty's Best Combine. 24"x16"

In 1910, DryLander's Great Grandfather, Bert Baumgardner, owned his very first horse drawn threshing unit. Bert is the on the far right and is holding two oil cans, one in each hand. He was the "oiler" and kept it all lubricated. Order this print and get the rest of the story.
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